Hungry? Lunch?

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, this place does food good. Dressed as if they are about to captain pirate ship with black bandanas and aprons, the chefs at the open gas grill sizzle up sizeable entrecôte steaks, hearty salads and creamy risottos in true Black Pearl style. Hexenkessel, a little jewel (literally) with its kitsch gold facade just off Damilerstrasse near the Gastwerk Hotel is a hub at lunch time. Open at around 12 and only til 3, Hamburgers pack in for the lunch shift where ordering is a no fuss debut; grab yourself a fritz cola from the fridge and squidge in-between your fellow ‘tucker-inners’.  Sandwiched funnily enough in-between two cooking schools, Hexenkessel claims to offer a forgotten ‘Imbiss-Kultur’. Aces to them, only with shavings of lambs neck with rosemary plums, champagne risotto and  finest filet sausages, it’s a little more than an Imbiss. Except that is for the abundance of pommes. But what would a ‘wurst’ or a grilled rotisserie chicken be without a side plate o’ chips.

A small sign hanging in the eatery “wer abschmeckt ist feige’ can only be translated as ‘…thee who must first taste, is chicken’, a fitting proverb for this not-for-sissies stellar street food den. As I said, if it’s for a quick-lunch snack on your way to Holmes Place next door or for a business chow this witch’s cauldron bubbles double-time so be sure to get in there early.


Daimlerstrasse 75

22761, HH

delisHH rating             3,5/7


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