tart me up!

Bonjour chers lecteurs,

Sunday and 24 degrees. Bring it on! Springboks beat Wales this morning….YEBO YES! Two 4am nights, 3 breakfast dates and a bottle of St Germaine, but…

Found a little gap in my Sunday, (busiest day of the week) to report on the Tarterie. It’s funny how fast the momentum picks up when the ball starts rolling. Five weeks old and swimming in Hamburg’s culinary uniqueness and not sure how much longer I’ll be able to continue being a professional dancer at this rate, especially after stumbling upon a little nook cafe hidden in St Pauli that displays well over 15 different types of cheesecake. Who’s going to pass that one by?

Freelance friday afternoon ie: work just getting started, I decided to pop over to Sonja’s suggestion: The Tarterie Sankt Pauli, previously named TarteOrt is owned and run by Fabio Haebel of Freiburg who signs off his mail to me as “fab.”  This new Provencal slash contemporary slash homey slash trendy cafe, kitchen, bar in Paul-Roosen Straße is an intimate little place that churns out more Quiche Lorraine than the Alsace and keeps its guests in full conversation proximity by creating the resemblance of sitting at the communal kitchen table.

I sit down and order a cup of coffee…

Now before I continue, let me divulge one of my pet hates in this country so to give you an insight into my appreciation of Fab’s little Tarterie. When one orders a cup of  coffee in Germany one may receive a variety of german coffee “specialities” originating so far away from their Italian inventors that one would never have believed they are neighbours. Option 1: Filter Coffee made in bulk at the beginning of the day and stored in flask to be served throughout the day on request-tastes like metal. Option 2: Instantly produced Machine Coffee at the touch of a button-bitter and tasteless, and Option 3: Instant-no comment. On ordering a café Americano at a typical café in Germany, one receives not only perplexed facial contortion but after a short explanation – a cup of espresso filled with cold tap water. 

… and due to my above mentioned experience I keep it simple and ask for a black coffee. To my delight, pleasure and surprise I am greeted with the following response: “our coffee is espresso based so I guess that’ll be an Americano?”  …’nuf said.

Sipping my café and making progress through a sinfully delicious oreo cupcake (or “muffin” as they call it here), the evening menu was busy being chalked onto the board-a concept Haebel is adamant about and only cooks what he has brought in fresh from the daily market. Choices: Flammkuchen; Curry Wurst, Merguez and assorted Quiches amongst other all-day dishes. Couldn’t really decided so took one of each minus the Merguez…don’t want to be over-indulgent. True to form dishes were exceptionally fresh and with a modern touch: Curry Wurst was served with oven-baked rosemary potatoes and Quiche was spinach and spicy italian sausage.

Throwing back a couple of home-made raspberry-basil and mango-peach lemonades to sooth the tingly burn from my Curry Wurst while Jackie Deshannon’s “What the World Needs Now is Love” designs a classy scene, Fabio chats to me about working as a hotelier and chef. Our young buck has clearly had his share of experience and has brought it into his first kitchen creation with elegance, subtilty and charm yet without becoming a sore thumb in St Pauli’s alternative corner.

Across the room behind the piano is a patchwork shelf with imports of some of Haebel’s favourites including Skoon Wild Mountain Rooibos, Black Hawaiian Salt and Chartreuse, his dad also sends him cases full Crémant from France. Other fun-finds are the Kung-Fu tip jar, dog bowl, Kusmi teach collection and wishing tree, although the bathroom takes the cake with its rosé Victorian wallpaper and striped upholstered furniture.

A valid 20 bucks for the lot and I’m waved off as the place fills up with the Friday night shift for the  Kreativnacht St Pauli. If you’re keen for lunch or a snack Fabio posts his daily fresh-out-the-oven menu on facebook.

Gastrofans, foodies and families alike, a definite winner all-round. It’s fab!

Tarterie Sankt Pauli
Paul-Roosen-Strasse 31
22767 Hamburg

delisHH rating:           5/7

9 Responses to “tart me up!”
  1. Cameron Staude says:

    The place looks great! Glad you finally managed to get a decent coffee. AND congrats to the Bokke!!! Not our greatest game but a win’s a win.

  2. Lili Nupen says:

    Sounds incredible Jess!! Love the decor…hard to imagine it in St Pauli though!! The cupcake/muffin looks delishh!!! 😉 xxx

  3. Hasenhai says:

    try the cheesecake café a few doors next to the tarterie, it´s called don´t tell mama and has the best coffee in hamburg. an dthe second store of the owner is great as well -i t´s a diner called mamalicious. max-brauer-allee 271, at the corner max-brauer-allee/schulterblatt. try delicious homemade comfort food!!!! yummy!

  4. Dren Nupen says:

    It looks absolutely fab darling. This is such an interesting blog and I have recommended it to foodie friends in SA.

    Btw our beloved Patisserie is now schleppping in cheesestraw type baclava!!!! i am heart broken.

  5. Lena says:

    the interior design is made by http://www.sproesslingedesign.de 🙂

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