That 70’s Chic

Well Hi Dear Readers,

A good deal of the most memorable experiences I have had here in Hamburg have been while riding my bike through the city. For those of you who prefer a car, I must say, you’re missing out. The amount of things I’ve seen that I never knew existed have all pleasantly and sometimes not-so pleasantly surprised me…like the women in her car this morning who, I believe, tried to run me over.  It went something like this:

Jess mounts her bike and starts cycling down her road. Big smile on her face, happy thoughts in her head.

Woman approaches in old, ugly car and cuts Jess off by breaking right in front of her and then stopping the car to roll down her window.

Jess cannot pass.

Jess: Um excuse me…?

Woman: (in German) hahaha difficult huh? (Dracula laugh)

Jess tries to squeeze pass onto bicycle path.

Woman: Hey you! Where do you think you’re going?

Jess: (Desperate attempt at a death stare and wobbles off in a frenzy)…

On one such memorable morning I was peddling through the streets of St Pauli in search of a certain highly recommended place for brekkie. It turned out that the place was closed, so the friend who I was meeting, lets call her Sophie and I wondered down the street in search of something else. We didn’t have to wonder far as a little way down the street red and white puff plastic furniture and a big board displaying “Leckeres Frühstuck” (Lekker Breakfast) directly caught my eye.

Cafe Meinke is a small 70’s retro-style café in the heart of St Pauli’s Paul-Roosen-Strasse. Owner and restaurant runner “Meinke” has time-warped the 70’s era into her cafe goer’s daily lives with a cross between futuristic and dated furniture which looks as if it has been ripped straight out of her appartment. Wall finishings are embellished with old cupboard slabs of decorated wood and mustard wall-paper, and luminous pink chandeliers provoke intimate lighting. Sounds all very odd, I know, but somehow it seems to work, and quite well.

The atmosphere is a product of the decor attracting a mixture of St Pauli locals, the odd granny and the really chic who descend upon this cafe for its simple yet tasty brekkies, coffee in Old-English style tea-cups and pink and purple tarts. Lunch offers a range from home-made Gulasch and Wurstbrett to Quiche assortments. The bar is grandiose and the seating rather spacious with a sweet little patio shaded, or should I rather say rain-proofed by a red and white-striped canopy.

I had the eggs describes as: “three eggs from a pan,” and chose scrambled – as it was Sunday and you gotta have scrambled on a Sunday- which came with a simple bread basket and to slurp: a Café Americano. Sophie took the Süßes (sweet) Breakfast selection of homemade bread with jam. The mini-croissants at the next door table looked too divine but after three eggs and a roll you could have stuck a fork in me as…I was done! For the entire do, we paid in total about €12,- which we were comfortable with.

If you are looking for something different, something idiosyncratic and retro or even a trip back to hippy-memory lane then hop along down to Café Meinke at Paul-Roosen-Strasse. Sit outside and take in some people watching, it’s always entertaining in St Pauli, and try the Pink and Purple cake for the adventurous among us, or go for a sure German Gulasch. But if you’re there on Sunday…make sure it’s the scrambled eggs.

Café Meinke

Paul-Roosen-Strasse, 6

22767, Hamburg

delisHH rating:                                        4/7

6 Responses to “That 70’s Chic”
  1. Lili Nupen says:

    sounds fabulous!!! could it become a local spot for sunday breakfast??

  2. Nikolas says:

    I love the story! Sounds worth it going there, may be I meet you there on my bike?

  3. Uta says:

    I heard from my friend Bob, who was also in Café Meinke that morning to enjoy the fabulous bread and eggs, that 2 blond girls have been sitting directly behind him having a serious conversation about food, art & life. They were so involved that they didnt realize that no one else in Café Meinke was talking – but everyone was just listening to the stories of the blond ones. I wonder if these 2 where Jess & Sophie. …

    Anyway looks quite sweet and sounds so as well – i’ll go try next sunday.

    Thanks for the great blog. Uta.

    • Jessica Nupen says:

      Uta, I’d love to meet your friend Bob! Yes pop by sometime, you might just meet me a Sophie there again! 😉 Thanks and big luurve!

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