Moin Moin Dear Readers,

I’m alive and have finally fully recovered….What from you might ask? What could possibly have taken 4 full days to get over? …especially as a 25-year-old???

The answer in 4 words: SATURDAY.NIGHT.KITCHEN.GUERILLA   and…

twoginbasilsmashexcitement abottleofa.Diehlmerlotrose then twomoscowmuleseuphoria plus oneextraginbasilsmash and somewhere in between a burgerfriesandspicyrelishbestever!

So, if you’re looking for  an up-tempo quirky vibe, innovative and surprisingly cool locations, and some of the tastiest and most exciting food in town as well as all above mentioned vocabulary, then attach yourselves immediately to the two young guys that call themselves the Kitchen Guerillas. Kural Elci and Olaf Deharde are the new fusion twins who spend their time hijacking restaurants, cafès, sailing ships, refugee camps, you name it and transform their ethos into a fully tangible reality ie: IN FOOD WE TRUST iie: bringing food back into the centre of social life.

On discovering they have the same music taste and enjoy eating, kural and olli merged creative forces to found “alioli” which later became the “Kitchen Guerilla”, or as I originally mistook: The Kitchen Gorillas, which is not entirely untrue. They nurtured this concept which is now well-known around the Hansestadt and attracts a mixed crowd of fun and food loving good-time goers wherever it camps.

On this particular evening after wondering how I would spend my Saturday night, I came across a post on Facebook about the “best burgers and drinks in town” and had remembered hearing something good about these Gorillas. I was intrigued. After reserving for 8:30 and pitching at9pm, (I never can get it right), I couldn’t quite believe where I was. Große Bergstrasse was the address and for those of you who know Grosse Bergstrasse know it’s not the kind of place that you would identify with hot, new, trendy or tasty…….all the more captivation and excitement for me!

Klippkroog, the latest hijack victim- a fabulous open plan restaurant with minimalistic decor and imposing bar on entry, which at my time of entry was busy churning out some of the most delectably delisHH cocktails I have ever seen, complementary of Luba Luft cocktail bar- a trendy cocktail bar and lounge which is bound to be my next blog victim. Two young, funky and least to say “easy on the eyes” cocktail chefs shaking it up on show on one end and on the other our very own Fatih Akin on decks blaring mixes of Presley’s “little less satisfaction” and “tooty fruity.” Had the cuisine and cocktails not been so irresistible, I have little doubt in my mind that all present would have been twist’n and shak’n it out between the tables and bar stools. But no, we were all glued to our seats sucking on our freshly crushed cocktails. The two big drinks hits of the evening were a refreshing “Gin Basil Smash” with an enthusiastic dose of Basilikum and the classic “Moscow Mule” served in the customary copper mug, a touch which will not be forgotten. The cocktails really were superior and were sequenced on the menu by other exciting concoctions like the “Blood and Sand” with Maraschino Cherry liquor and “Old Fashioned” with Ron Zacapa 23 Rum from Guatamala  prep time 5-6mins.

Interestingly, there was only one thing to eat on the menu that night @ Kitchen Guerilla @ Klippkroog and that was  BURGER with fries. For anyone looking for culinary variety, this was ironically the perfect place to be as the aromas, tastes and flavours combined on this one plate was enough to keep any food expert guessing. Not only delisHH but the perfect production and staging backed up by the “a.Diehl” merlot rose and followed by a rich chocolate torte with raspberry sorbet balls…and then another Gin Basil Smash…or two? An impressively executed meal by the Ellie the Chef, a recipe which I hope to try later in the week…so stay tuned.

Too seldom have I encountered such a constellation of eclectic styles, music and people who just love to have a good time. Kural And Olaf are fabulous hosts who make you feel as if they have been your mates since kindergarten and engage you from the word go. Axl the jaunty jiving waiter and Onur Elci the behind the scenes man add to this family of easy-going, fun-loving and hard-working peoples-people who guarantee a good night out. It’s a sure thing, so keep your eyes peeled for their next adventure!


Große Bergstraße 255

22767 Hamburg

040 / 572 44 368

2 Responses to “KITCHEN GUERILLAS”
  1. Cameron Staude says:

    Sounds sensational!

  2. Lili Nupen says:

    Wish we had an initiative like that in JHB!! wow…sounds like such fun!! Love the sound of the wine too…. keep us updated on whether there are any more upcoming Kitchen Guerilla events so that those lucky people in Hamburg who are able to attend…do!!

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