On your marks…

Get set..

Ok just hold on a minute there because I think you Dear Reader should know why we have met here.

My name is Jessica and I am a South African living in Hamburg, Germany. I am a professional dancer…yes that’s right-a dancer and perform in numerous theatres around the country in ballet, modern, opera and musical productions and I am currently doing an MBA. Now you might be asking yourself why on earth is a ballet dancer writing a food blog?  Firstly it goes to show that dancers do actually eat… but really even though it may be a bit faux pas to declare it in my profession, I love food! Even more than food I love cooking, having dinner parties, food shopping, eating out, reading cookbooks experimenting with flavours and spending as much of my free time as possible in the kitchen.

Jessica Nupen

I began ballet at the age of 3 at a small studio in the city of Johannesburg where my family still lives and after completing high school, went off to study at the Rambert Ballet School in London. Three years and three months later I arrived in Hamburg, my current home, to begin my big career as a dancer. Coming from a country of sun, warmth, fresh fish, biltong, boerewors, vetkoek, brilliant beaches, vast verandas, salads, swimming pools and Woolthworths (nothing like the german chain-click to find out), I found myself in a freezing foreign city filled with gruff-accented, solarium-blazed, bread-guzzling krauts. Much to my amazement I fell in love with the city and have spent four, however challenging, fantastic years in the Hansastadt. For those of you who have not been to Hamburg, it’s definitely worth a visit or two: a fabulous harbour-city set along the Elbe river with more bridges than Venice and fewer tourists than Rome. The infamous Reeperbahn is a spectacle to which I could do no justice with my own words. But what has impressed, inspired and excited me most about this city is its innovative and international kitchen of which I hope to journey through with you Dear Reader by my side.

I would love to see you around as I explore old and new restaurants, cafes, menus, wines, bars , recipes and all things delishh… as well as add a few of my own tips and tastes to what has become Hamburg’s culinary smorgesborg. Feel free to add your own feedback and suggestions as they are always appreciated.



ok … GO!

6 Responses to “On your marks…”
  1. Nikolas says:

    great idea! have been waiting for a funny and exiting food blog in Hamburg for ages! i am very exited to meet you around in one of your next restaurants! good luck and all the best for yout blog!
    ps: if you need some tips or ideas for wine, i would be very happynto help you around….

  2. Marco says:

    hey jess!
    I think it’s an awesome idea that you started that blog!
    When I came to HH I started to put together a “Hamburg Book”, took pictures of nice shops and restaurants and places i love in HH and put them in there…
    I didn’t get very far, but I think I should work on it again…

    Anyway, really looking forward to your entries!!!


  3. Hendrik says:

    I think it is a great asset for the Web 2.0 community in Hamburg to have this blog! With your different cultural background I am sure you can bring some interesting perspectives to the ‘Kraut Palate’. Keep us posted about interesting places and events which we -blind as we are while walking through your homeground sometimes- can discover in our Mothercity!

    • Jessica Nupen says:

      Many thanks Hendrik! I sure hope I can show the “Krauts” a thing or two. I hope to see you here again soon. Love delisHH

  4. I concur with yourself.. I personally had a comparable trouble and implemented the things you had taught and also it worked like magic

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